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Bulk ro ro

The bulk carriers are cape type and Panamax type. They are in good condition. According to the actual situation of customers' cargo, they can provide full service of chartering, booking and cargo tracking. Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other ocean routes, for bulk customers can ship at any time according to the customer's shipping time.

< bulk carrier

Bulk carrier is the abbreviation of bulk carrier, which is specially used to transport goods without binding, such as coal, ore, wood, livestock, grain, etc. Bulk transportation

Ships carrying large quantities of dry bulk cargo such as grain, coal, mineral sand, salt and cement can be called dry bulk carriers or bulk carriers for short.

Transport characteristics of bulk carriers

Compared with RO ro shipping, the freight is cheaper and the transportation capacity is sufficient. There are many shipping companies to choose from, and all ports have ships to dock with. Bulk cargo ship is suitable for transporting trucks, buses, unpowered semi trailers, heavy machinery and equipment, but not suitable for small cars and other vehicles with strict transportation requirements.

Ro ro ship

Ro ro ship, also known as "on board and off board" ship, or "on board and off board" ship, is a special ship that uses freight vehicles to carry goods. It is a transport ship that uses tractor to pull semi-trailer or wheel pallet carrying box goods or other goods directly into and out of cargo hold for loading and unloading.

Characteristics of RO ro transportation

Ro ro ship takes the vehicle filled with container or cargo as the transport unit, and the vehicle moves in and out through the gangway of the bow door, stern door or port door. When loading, the vehicle and the trailer towed by the towing vehicle are driven into the cabin through the gangway. After arriving at the port of destination, put down the gangway, and then the special loading vehicle (trailer or forklift) will be driven up and down from the ship and each deck for loading and unloading. Vehicles can go directly to the receiving unit.

Major project

Major project engineering refers to the partial or full professional logistics services provided by the third party or the fourth party logistics supplier for the transportation, storage, assembly and the whole process of the equipment, facilities, raw materials and other items related to the project.

< project features

Strong professional technology, many operation links, long time span, many overweight and super large pieces, high transportation requirements. Transnational, cross regional, cross industry, need a strong ability of resource integration.

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