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International container transportation is an advanced modern transportation mode. The door-to-door service of container transportation reduces the intermediate links of goods transportation, shortens the transportation time, reduces the damage and difference of goods, improves the freight efficiency and quality, and saves the freight and miscellaneous expenses. In order to meet the needs of customers and adapt to the rapid development of international container business, the company has designated plans for continuous development and expansion in this field.

Shanghai zhizhuanji container fleet is an important part of Shanghai Zhizhuan International Freight Forwarding Agency Co., Ltd. at present, the fleet has 18 light and heavy container vehicles. In order to meet the needs of logistics development, we are also equipped with all kinds of bulk trucks, ultra-low flat cars, etc. The team is on duty 24 hours a day. The sea port above the motorcade is the hub, extending to the surrounding and inland provinces. According to the source of goods and the allocation of cabins, the fleet reasonably arranges vehicles and driving routes, and at the same time uses mobile communication.

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