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In terms of air transportation, Zhizhuan has been supported by airlines at home and abroad, such as Air China, China Eastern Airlines, crystal airlines, Saudi Arabia Airlines, Korean Airlines, All Nippon Airways, etc., in charter and cabin business and freight rate. No matter the needs of customers are economic centralized transport services, or professional charter or direct flight services, it can meet all the needs. The company's professional staff are able to quickly and effectively help customers deliver goods to their destinations safely and on time. It has its own customs declaration, inspection and delivery team, and its own customs supervised warehouse in the airport area, which has made a strong and powerful guarantee for the transportation safety of customers. Domestic professional operation team, as well as our international agents almost all over the world, strong network coverage, we can provide customers with DDU, DDP and other door-to-door one-stop services, greatly reducing the cost of your product logistics supply chain and transportation risk. In terms of import, diversified air transportation is also one of our development directions. The long-term imported goods cover a wide range of categories, including hanging garments, electronic parts, fresh food, fragile and valuables, chemicals, heavy and large machinery and equipment, etc.

No matter what customers need is economical centralized transportation service, or professional charter or direct flight service, the professional staff can help customers to deliver goods safely and on time with fast and effective solutions. With our global transportation network, we can provide customers with flexible and reliable customs clearance, door-to-door receiving and delivery services. With the coordinated development of various facilities, the company has global resources and talents, which can ensure that the high-quality and diversified freight service can be extended to every corner of the world.

The main air routes cover: Africa, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, America, Australia, etc

America: KZ, CX, FX, Y8, AA, CA, mu, JL, NW

Europe: CX, Ba, AF, MP, Su, CV, MH, TG, SQ, JL, CZ, CA

Middle East: EK, GF, TG, SQ, GA

Southeast Asia: CX, FX, TG, JL, MH, Oz, th, SQ, CI, CA

Australia: QF, NZ, TG, SQ, GA, PR

Africa: Ba, WD, MK, et, TK

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